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  • No minimums

  • Our preferred method.

  • We apply a heat technique that transfers the designs to polyester-rich, light colored, garments.

  • The heat "sublimates" the solid-state ink in the printed design to a gas that bonds to the polyester fibers of the garment.

  • This allows for full-color, photo-realistic print that won’t fade or crack, even after multiple washings.

  • The higher the percentage of cotton in the blend, the more vintage/faded /classic the design will look on the shirt..

Heat Transfer

  • No minimums

  • We utilize a process of applying materials (heat transfer paper or vinyl) with a heat adhesive background to cotton or polyester garments.

  • The materials contain an adhesive on one side; which is released, when heat is applied to the material, which then adheres to the garment to which it is being applied.

  • The transfer has a tendency to crack eventually

Screen Print

  • Min (12+) orders required

  • We apply squeegees to push ink through a pre-made mesh screen to transfer ink onto a garment except areas that are made impermeable by a special blocking.

  • The resulting design has long-lasting, vibrant colors that will withstand multiple washes, but has a tendency to crack eventually

  • Utilize the Contact Us link for a personalized no obligation quote or call us at 713-489-9723

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